6 Ways of making your small yard look bigger

Are you confused organize a small yard at home? If you are, with the right design and setup, you can still make the small page feel bigger. Meanwhile, if you think to hire the landscaper near me, make sure you check out the online tips for it beforehand.

Check out the 6 interesting ways below:

1. Plan Spatial Layout

If you have a small page, you can leave it open to make the page look larger. However, there are other more effective ways, namely by arranging the furniture with the right position.

Resolve the home page be made for what. If you want to make it a place to eat or just sit back, use chairs and tables, then add rocks around it. Separate the dining and play areas of children with hedges.

2. Create a Vertical Garden

Take advantage of a small page as a room for gardening. Vertical garden techniques can be used to save space. Choose the type of medicinal plants, herbs, vegetables, or flowers that propagate. Vertical garden will create a fresh green atmosphere and make your page look bigger.

3. Take advantage of Side Pages

The side yard sections on the side of the house are often ignored, or used only as a disposal place or used can. Plant a variety of plants on the side of the side of the house or add a slim cafe table as a place to drink coffee.

4. Change to Destination at Home

A small page can feel bigger if you turn it into a designated room when returning home. Fill the page with equipment for grilling or add accessories like a mini waterfall, fireplace, and comfortable sofa to read.

5. Landscape Frame

Using a pergola on a small page is a favorite of some people. Pergola can be used to frame a garden view, hang a swing, or create a vertical garden. Pergola will give your backyard illusion of having more space.

6. Choose the Right Tree

You can still plant trees in a small yard as long as you choose the right type of tree, which is high growth up, not widened. The use of bushes around the yard can also make your page more beautiful without having to spend much space.