Here are Some Causes Of A Flat Tires On The Streets

Vehicle tires are very susceptible to damage. There are many causes of a flat tire that usually happens to you on the streets. This is certainly something bad if you are away from the workshop. However, now there is a mobile tyre fitting essex that can help you to handle the flat tire.

You also know some of the causes of tires that are flat on the streets.

– Sand grains
Maybe some of you no one thought that it turns out the grains of sand can make the tire becomes flat without being seen. This kind of invisible stealth that can make you so upset because of a flat tire.
Sand grains will usually stick between the tires and wheels. Stacking the grains of sand turned out to make air bubbles that will be visible when the tire is soaked in the water. Not easy to see indeed, because it is very small. But when observed clearly, there will appear a faint bubble.

– It’s too thin
The tire that is too thin can cause easy leakage. Obviously, with conditions like this, the tire becomes very vulnerable deflated. As much as possible you should be diligent in controlling the health of tires. Do not let the tires are bare but you still keep driving them. Replace your motorcycle tires with new tires to make it safer.

– Small Leaks
A small leak is usually interpreted as a condition in which the tire leaks with a very small hole. Most exposed to sharp pebbles. It’s just as big as a pinhole, but that’s enough to frustrate you especially if you’re in a hurry to use a motor.
A small leak is usually invisible. New will be felt after one or two days. Within that period, the tire will lose air and deflated in the end.

– Close the sealed tire
A saggy tire cover can also be a trigger why the motorcycle tire is suddenly flat. That is why many tire repairers after finishing pumping tires always attach their saliva on the surface of the lid. It was done to check the lid of the tire. In the event of an air bubble, the lid of the tire is loose or improperly sealed.