Should I Use Cleaning Service?

Welcoming certain moments, such as Christmas, New Year, or Party, surely we are preoccupied with various preparations. One of the preparations that must be done is to clean, organize, and decorate the house so that the nuances of the celebration will be thick. However, these activities will be slightly hampered if the condition of your house is dirty. If so, you will have to start cleaning it first. For those of you who do not have a lot of time or do not want to bother, you can delegate the task of cleaning the house to cleaning services. These services usually provide services by visiting your home. Various corner of the house can be handled by these services, ranging from kitchen, bedroom, living room, to the bathroom. Not only that, these services also cleaning your stuff such as cabinets or tables, but the most popular is the cleaning of carpets and sofas. If you are interested in using this service, you should first know some important aspects, eg how it works, the cost, the company’s reputation, and whether there is a guarantee. You can also ask for recommendations from your colleagues to get cleaning services and have a good reputation such as our Commercial Cleaning Services.

Maid service cleaning glass table with chemicals spray and rag

If you have determined a home cleaning service, find out the price range and the packages offered. Typically, these services receive a unit pack or through. Complete packages are usually calculated per room unit whose rates range from tens to hundreds of thousands. Cleaning is usually done on a standard basis such as sweeping, wiping, and mopping, or just like we used to do.

No wonder, home cleaning services will fix different prices in different places. In addition to the overall package system calculated per room unit, these services typically also apply unit rates per m2. If accumulated, the possibility of the cost of cleaning one room will be more expensive than the overall package system. However, this unit system usually has an advantage with a more detailed cleaning process and the results are cleaner than the package system.