Some floor foundation problems and how to deal with them

The surface of the previously normal soil may expand or widen. This happens because of the pressure from the ground, it can be gas, water content, or the presence of animals that build a nest in the ground, or because of temperature changes that the contractor does not consider before installing. As the soil becomes widened, it is marked by uneven floor or tile surfaces. If left too long, the tiles will crack because they can not resist the pressure caused by the development of the soil. For that, before installing the tiles, it is better not too tight and considers to provide space if the land at any time will expand or expand due to temperature changes. Meanwhile, you may also need to know the trusted concrete crack repair service near you.

Mossy floor surface

Moist and mossy floor conditions are often encountered, especially on floors close to the bathroom area, close to outdoor areas, and other areas exposed to water in high intensity. The humid and mossy floors will become very slippery, causing anyone to slip when walking on it. To solve the problem of moss growing on the floor, just brush cleanly as often as possible and always keep the surface dry, for example by installing a dehumidifier in the area close to the floor.

The foundation of the soil decreased or partially lost

Decreased or partially lost soil foundations often occur in homes or buildings located on the edge of cliffs, in mountain areas, on the seashore, or on the banks of rivers where the soil is unstable or easily eroded. This condition is quite worrying because if the foundation of the land declines in part, it is feared the house will collapse at any time. If the condition is not so severe, you may be able to strengthen the foundation by installing the structure of wood or bamboo as a buffer. But if the decline is severe enough, consider moving from the house.