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Know That Arabic Is The Parent Of All Languages ??In The World

Arabic is an important language to understand especially for Muslims because of the Arabic language used in the Qur’an. If you are someone who wants to learn the language, then you can visit http://www.arabic.world/learn-arabic-online in order to learn and understand it easily and quickly. Without the need to spend a long time, you can understand Arabic very easily.

Many people even believe that Arabic is the mother of all languages ??in the world. This is because all languages ??on earth are believed to come from one language. The language is Arabic. One of the proofs is that the vocabulary possessed by Arabic is very much not even comparable with other languages. Your guess is that the vocabulary in Arabic can exceed 12 million vocabularies, English has only about 600,000 vocabularies and the French language has only about 150,000 vocabularies and is followed by the Russian language with 130 thousand vocabularies.