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All considerations for choosing a school for your children

Every parent would not want to carelessly seek school for the baby. As already mentioned in the previous article, do not also carelessly choose the right school for children. The reason is, basic education is a “long-term investment” for the future of dear children. Expensive costs are willing to be borne in order to achieve a quality education. However, what exactly should be considered in choosing the right school for your child? In the meantime, you may want to check out an international school that Teaching a British Curriculum in Bangkok as well.

Psychologist and child education observer noted a number of criteria points that can be a parent reference in choosing the right school for children. According to experts, these criteria need to be considered well.

1. See the vision of the school’s mission. The vision of the school mission will determine the curriculum used. Is the vision of the school’s mission with the view of education in the family and the expectations of parents?

2. Consider a good school with good faculty as well. The teacher is the spearhead that determines the child will learn and play with fun or not.

3. Note the condition of the school and surrounding environment, including the completeness of facilities and infrastructure in schools. Is it enough to support a fun learning process for children?

4. Calculate the distance of school from home. Do not get too far so the child is tired on the street and not the spirit of learning.

5. Recognize the character of the child and his / her need to determine the school appropriate for the child. For example, a child who likes to move is suitable to be schooled in a natural school.

6. The introduction of character and needs also helps to recognize school duration and composition of teaching duration in schools, for example by determining the need for schools with more duration of play or study time.

7. And last but not least, think carefully your financial ability to pay all the required costs, both the base money and the monthly money in the future. Make sure you have sufficient resources to consistently pay in the future.