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3 Secrets to make your booth gets swarmed by visitors

Here are 3 Secrets to Make Your Company Stand Invaded by Visitors When Attending Exhibition that we’d like to share with you. In the meantime, you may want to check out the high-quality inflatable marquee as well.

1. Stand Location

Location determines achievement. Guyonan artist Fitri Tropica is indeed a requirement of meaning, especially in terms of following the exhibition. The location of the strategic stand gives a considerable influence on the level of a booth crowd. So try to get the booth most often passed by visitors.

According to our experience and observations, the location of the stand in front of the door, close to the stage and the hook location is usually the most strategic place in an exhibition. And usually, these locations also banderole with different prices because of many people who are interested in it. But sometimes the strategic places in an exhibition also vary. So we should discuss first with the organizers or other exhibitors who have been following the exhibition.

2. Display and Design Stand / Booth

Be the most different and conspicuous, so our booths are easy to find and attract attention. But what is more important than just being visible is to appear in line with the company’s own brand identity. In other words, everything related to the design and appearance of our booths is arranged and made in such a way as to remain in harmony and harmonious with the identity of the company brand. Starting from colors, logos, fonts of writing, to various other ornaments.

3. Special Promo

Attending an exhibition is a momentum for companies where there is a surge in support or people who see and interact with your company. So do not waste this opportunity to boost sales figures. Especially for you who from the beginning have a goal to reap the benefits of sales during the exhibition.

Create a special promotional program during the exhibition to stimulate consumer purchasing power. Starting from free testing, bundling or package price, special discounts to bonuses or certain prizes.