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Additional things you must remember when you’re renting a car

Air conditioning or air conditioning also plays an important role for our comfort when driving/vacation, in addition to making the clean air in the car air conditioner is also useful when the weather is hot and jammed conditions. Make sure that the AC works properly. In the meantime, you may need to contact car service Miami to rent the excellent types of cars.


The wiper checks light up or not because the wipers are big enough to wipe the rain/ dust/animal droppings/leaves that suddenly stick to the glass. Make sure the front and back wipers are on.

Equipment / Car Service Equipment

These tools include Tool Kit, First Aid Kit complete with standard medicines. Then you need to also bring the spare tires, jack, and others that can be read on any article equipment that must be taken while traveling

Check Car Body

This is related to the time of return, the way checking is quite easy ie by looking more detail with the surrounding car. Tell where the blisters on the rental, because usually when the rental party returns will check the body if there is a blister/dent.