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How to repair a rusty iron fence

Most people choose a metal front fence because it is stronger and more durable when compared to a wooden fence. But the rain and the heat of the sun can make the paint peel and emerge rust that will degrade the layer of iron. If left too long, rust can make iron fragile and easily broken. How to fix it? Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to contact the recommended fence contractor as well.

Here are the steps you can take:

Clean the Fence

Use a wire brush to clean the fence as well as fade and reduce rust. Eliminate the remaining rust crust on the fence by using a complete steel sandpaper. Scrub until the entire surface becomes smoother.


If the fence is clean, prepare the material for repainting the basic anti-rust paint. Wipe base paint on the entire surface until evenly distributed. Then let it dry. After that brush the second layer of paint that color has been adjusted to the color of your favorite exterior or color. Paint it evenly then let it dry.

Anti Water Coating

If the fence paint is peeled off immediately cover with a material that can prevent water exposure. Use oil-based paints that have water repellant properties. You can also use fat or used oil.

Wrap With Plastic

Emergency measures that you can also do to prevent the further process of rusting are by coating the peeling part with plastic wrap. Adhere the plastic to the fence area where the paint is peeling off for a while. But to avoid a more severe deterioration, immediately buy anti-rust paint to coat the peel off.

Las Back

If some of the fences of the house have been completely destroyed by rust, there is no way of repair other than welding it back. After making the process of patching the pieces of porous iron and form a fence back home as before, then restore with anti-rust iron paint so it looks attractive again.