These Two Things That Cause Your Air Conditioner No Longer Cold

An air conditioner that you have at home would require proper maintenance and use. If it breaks down, all you can do is call a service that can fix it immediately. visit to get maintenance and repair of the air conditioner.

Probably, you have also experienced air conditioner in your house become not as cold as usual. This happens because of these two things.

– Unstable power supply
The third reason why the air conditioner is not cold even though it is often washed is the voltage that is not stable. AC itself has a greater voltage than other electronic equipment. So that unstable voltage can affect AC performance.

– Air freon pressure less
As a substance containing very low boiling point, freon is useful as a cooling material such as air conditioning and refrigerator. Therefore, the freon is less or even run out to be one cause the AC is not cold. If your AC age is still fairly new but the freon often run out, you need to check whether or not there is a leak on the pipe freon.